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    Zeroing in on the perfect candidate


Analyzing a curriculum vitae is a matter of skill. It takes time to scrutinize the details and to compare it with the rest. As a recruiter, if you believe that your company strives because of your employees, you must do away with what is known in the corporate world as the Resume Analysis Paralysis. What you need is an analytical aid that is programmed to find out the best traits in an applicant with experience, wisdom and judgment, all working together in a software in the form of codes.

Derived from Sanskrit, Gunatas suggests a quality or characteristic. And that’s exactly what this artificial intelligence strives to feel out in potential candidates. A self-learning smart search engine for scanning and processing resumes, it sorts through numerous applicants and chooses the best one for the job. To put it simply, Gunatas is the Intelligent Resume Bot.


Imagine you have to hire a seasoned oil driller for a top Middle Eastern company and you are not an expert in the field. How do you know what you are looking for, what is needed? It’s a tricky business sorting through thousands of resumes on your desk or inbox. Many are repetitions. Many don’t meet the requirements (not that you know what they are exactly). And many are overlooked because of the sheer number. That’s where Gunatas comes in. It takes a mundane activity and makes it more enjoyable. An artificial intelligence, it goes above and beyond what a normal human consultant does.

Gunatas brings the most relevant resumes to your table. With colorful visual representations, it highlights the skillsets, both soft and technical. It even helps you uncover the meanings of unfamiliar terms relating to oil drilling. Say for example you come across a word like Fracturing. You are at a loss of how breaking bones helps a candidate in the oil industry. Gunatas not only helps define the word, it also finds the relevance in the industry and eventually reflects the importance in the candidate’s score. And it does all that while you’re thinking about broken bones.

By fine-tuning user preferences, Gunatas gets an idea of what kind of candidate you’re searching for. So the next time around, you don’t need to specifically key it in, saving you time, money and manpower.

The 6 Gunas


No more sorting through individual resumes


Utilizes objectives, charts, percentages


A ready-to-use user-friendly software


Artificial intelligence that learns on-the-go and easily adapts to


Saves you time, money and manpower


Finds the meaning of unfamiliar words


How does Gunatas define an unfamiliar word?

A new word has to be processed and it may take due time. The software can learn from any source, the internet being one of them.

Does Gunatas need access to the internet to work?

There are versions which utilize the internet and versions which can work without internet access as well.

How is Gunatas an artificial intelligence, self-learning?

Gunatas has the ability to learn, remember, associate and process resumes. The software gleans from the information that it is fed. In fact, it rivals your natural intelligence in terms of selecting the best person for the job. One can go on to say that Gunatas is better because it holds no bias.

Does Gunatas conduct online surveys of applicants?

If the applicant has information on a public domain, it is also considered in the analysis.

How does Guntas judge personality or soft skills?

It scans your resumes for extracurricular activities or group projects. Through the number of activities, clubs, projects and duration, Gunatas analyzes if the candidate is an apt leader or team player. A score is given accordingly.

All resume formats are accepted

No applicant gets left behind

The AI picks out key skills even without key words

Conducts an online survey of the candidate in terms of social media
and professional websites

“Who came first?”

“Eanie meanie miney moe”

Sorts through numerous applicants and filters according to relevance

In case of applicant repetition, timestamps are utilized to pinpoint which consultancy brought applicant first

The AI picks up a model of the best candidate and uses it as a benchmark for future selection

If there are unfamiliar words, the AI defines it for you. No longer do you have to be an expert in the field and be familiar with jargons

The AI self-updates by monitoring the preferences of the recruiter, understanding their needs and using it for future reference

Now, you have time to focus on the human aspect of the applicant, with the tedious screening sessions being taken care by Gunatas

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